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Welcome to our family blog! A couple of months before we bought our plane tickets, sold our house, packed up our family of seven, and moved to Cozumel, Mexico, Adam looked at me and said, “Why don’t we move down to Cozumel?”  It was then to his surprise when I responded, “Sure, let’s do it!”

We were in Idaho for the past 14 years and loooved it there.  So much so, we loaded the belongings we decided to keep into a storage unit there because we know we will be back.  Even though we believe home is wherever our family and hearts are, Southeast Idaho is also our “home”.

We are getting closer to completing one full year of living here in Cozumel, Mexico.  We always dreamed of living on an island in the Caribbean.  So we did it and have absolutely loved it!  The people of Cozumel are wonderful, the food is amazing and there are restaurants everywhere, and the water is crystal clear blue.  Here on our family blog site we will be posting about the many different facets of our journey and adventures living here and anywhere else we go.  We currently have a head start posting our experiences over at our Fluent in Fun YouTube channel so check that out!  Also, visit our family Blog page where we will be providing extra details you won’t see in our videos.  Thanks for visiting and following us!  Subscribe to our page and YouTube channel and don’t hesitate to share our content 😉

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Adam & Brianne


What parents would pack up five little kiddos and fly their family with one-way plane tickets to a Caribbean island?!  Well…we would…and we did…and we don’t regret it.  We are risk takers, however we are also grounded with great faith and as much wisdom as our many life experiences have blessed us with.  Here is a tiny bit about us:

My husband Adam owns and operates a company doing online social media marketing and web design for businesses, and also launched our Locket + Thieves necklace eCommerce store, which we run on the side.  He also is a freelance training developer/instructional designer specializing in creating eLearning courses using Articulate Storyline.  He actually had to quit his ten year 9 to 5 career with a major corporation in order for us to make our big move.

My name is Brianne.  I have been a professional photographer for the past ten years and love photography.  I worked for many years doing wedding, family, infant, and other portraiture photography.  After many years, I transitioned my focus over to product photography taking pictures for businesses. These businesses would mail me their products for me to photograph which would end up in their magazines, websites, social media accounts, etc.  Ever since moving to Cozumel I have been having a ton of fun switching gears from still shots over to shooting and editing videos.  I now do all the video editing and creation of our videos on our YouTube channel and my goal is to upload a new video at least every 2-3 days!




We absolutely love each other!  We love working together, raising our kiddos together, supporting each other, and having fun together.  Our crazy and wonderful life experiences would be non-existent without each other.  We hope you enjoy our blog and hope to hear from you using our contact page or our social channels.


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