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Leaving Our Beloved Rexburg Idaho


Adam Serrano, Cozumel, Mexico

31 March 2017

They say home is where your heart is. For us, our home is where each other and our kids are, however a big part of our hearts are forever tied to the unique and special Rexburg Idaho area.

Brianne and I both began attending college in Rexburg Idaho at BYU-Idaho, then Ricks College. Factoring out our 1 1/2 and 2 year LDS church service missions, we lived in the Rexburg Idaho area for upwards of 15 years. Both born and raised in Northern California, we never thought we would settle down in the rural farm community of Rexburg. I mean what outsiders do that?? Well we did. And we are very grateful for having done so. In fact, when we are asked where we are from, we tell them Rexburg Idaho.


We loved exploring both sides of the Teton range.

Photographed at Wyoming side of Tetons.

Rexburg Idaho is dubbed “America’s Family Community” and is rightly so. Ever since Brianne was pregnant with our first child, we strongly felt we needed to stay put in this special area and raise our children there. The people are amazing. They are down to earth, humble, kind, hard working, service oriented people who were raised by the same. The more natives of the area we got to know and become close friends with, the more we felt woven and tied to the special community. It is the type of community where people look out for each other and help those in need. A safe place in today’s modern world where kids can still actually go play out of mom and dad’s eyesight and be just fine.

“The people are amazing. They are down to earth, humble, kind, hard working, service oriented people who were raised by the same.”

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Some of the many beautiful sites of the area. (Click the side arrows for more pics!)

Photographs mostly by Brianne Serrano Photography.  (I know her!)

The land is incredible. And when I refer to the Rexburg area, I generously include as north as Ashton and as east as Tetonia and Driggs. The area has amazing lakes and rivers, famous fly fishing, miraculous sand dunes, all kinds of bridge and cliff jumping, and miles and miles of recreation trails. Not to mention the spectacular Island Park which is 45 min north, as well as the Yellowstone National park bordering the Island Park area. Just 45 min to the east is the Idaho side of the incredible Teton mountain range providing limitless exploring and adventures.


I am very country at heart. I love horses, country music and going to the rodeo as a family. One of my top five favorite movies is the Man From Snowy River and one of my favorite TV shows is Heartland. I love ranches and farms and have a tremendous respect and admiration for farmers. There is something very very special about farming communities. Instead of elaborating further in my own words, I would prefer to share the following video:

At some point we will be returning from Cozumel Mexico to the area of Rexburg Idaho and will be ready to create new memories and continue the great life there.  We miss our friends, family and our beautiful land we left behind and are eager to see them all again soon.


Our breathtaking view from our backyard.

Cell phone photograph from our 4.5 acre river property


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