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Moving to Cozumel, Mexico


Adam Serrano, Cozumel, Mexico

30 March 2017

“You are moving to Cozumel, Mexico??!!”  Yep…We bought one-way plane tickets, packed up our family of seven with roughly 23 pieces of luggage and moved to Cozumel, Mexico.

Hey everyone!  We are the Serrano family. My wife and I have always goofed around with the crazy idea of moving to some tropical island as a family and having one heck of an adventure. So last July we actually did it and have been here for almost 10 months now.  We have had a blast since living here and will be playing catch up with soon to come blog posts to share and expand on our many crazy experiences.  However for this post, let’s rewind back to April”ish” 2016 and go back to the beginning of our adventure moving to Cozumel, Mexico.


And this wasn’t even all our luggage!

Photographed at our Teton River home.

A few months before moving to Cozumel Mexico, I looked at my wife and said, “Why don’t we move to Cozumel?”  Expecting to get a giggle and a haha back, she stunned me with, “Let’s do it!”  We then spent the next month or so assessing pros and cons, researching schools, housing and other life options, and then actually planning our trip.  I had been working for a large corporation for ten years and eventually got to a point where I had the benefit of working from home quite often.  However, after pitching my “work from Cozumel” proposal, HR ended up giving me the “no go” for working from Mexico.  So I ended up quitting my job and leaving many great work friends and managers I enjoyed very much, and headed to Mexico with the faith that everything would work out.  Most importantly, we felt good about the decision to move forward and were confident everything would be okay.

“Why don’t we move to Cozumel?” Expecting to get a giggle and a haha back, she stunned me with, “Let’s do it!”

We found some excellent resources that helped us with moving to Cozumel.  First, we joined a very informative Facebook group called “Cozumel 4 You”.  This is a group of over 13,000 individuals who either live on the island, visit the island, or simply enjoy learning about the island.  We were able to use keyword searches on the page to find helpful information we were eager to figure out.  It was also a great place to post questions and get the help we were needing to be able to plan our move effectively.  Questions like, “We are moving to Cozumel in July and are looking for a 3+ bedroom rental, preferably with a pool.  Anyone know of any options for us?!?”  It was also through this group we were able to personally connect and become friends with Jen Wright and Rebecca Wells (Ugalde), who already lived on the island, and Jessilyn McCash, of Balanced Bloom, who with her family was moving to the island around a month after we were.  All of these resources were incredibly helpful for us in moving to Cozumel and allowed us more peace and comfort heading into it.


Let’s Do This!

We rented out our Rexburg home and hit the road.

We packed our belongings we wanted to keep in a now super stuffed storage unit.  The day we started our journey we drove to Salt Lake City where we stayed the night in a hotel.  Then around 3:30am we had to wake up and head to the SLC airport.  Our flight left around 6am and we chose Southwest due to a great price I finally found, as well as their two free checked bags option.  When flying with this many people, the baggage fees other airlines charge really add up.  We had a layover in Maryland, of all places, and flew to Cancun (much cheaper than straight into Cozumel, especially with seven people).  Upon arriving in Cancun, we spent around an hour waiting in line at customs and then met our booked shuttle service with Alma’s LDS Tours and drove an hour south to Playa del Carmen.  In Playa we were excited to be greeted by Grandpa Steve who moved to the island three months before we did.  I paid three local luggage bike guys to ride our tremendous amount of luggage to the ferry where we boarded and took the 45 min ferry ride over to the island of Cozumel.  Upon arriving we paid two taxis to haul us to our place where we were FINALLY able to sit and take a breather!  At least until we decided to walk over to Rock & Java’s for some fantastic fish tacos and smoothies.


This was one of the longest days of our lives haha!  We’ll never forget getting off that plane in Cancun and being hit with that heat and high humidity.  We ended up lucking out and moving down for the hottest month of the year, and only to be followed up by September, the wettest month of the year.  I’ll never forget arriving to our place that first night, completely exhausted, sweating from the heat (and it was night time), and thinking “Holy cow….Did we just make the right decision.”  We quickly adjusted though, some ways more than others, and settled right in!  I think during our first week or two, we sweat out all we could and then started to get used to it.  So we made it and love it!  Please holler at us with any comments and/or questions below and we would sure like to hear from you!  And as always, check up and Subscribe to our YouTube channel by clicking this link and then hitting the Subscribe button.


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